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About Seven-Star
Nanjing Seven-Star Digital Instrument Co.,Ltd founded in 1992, and a strong flavor of the humanities in the ancient capital of the Six Dynasties - Nanjing, China, is located in the commonly known as the "Silicon Valley of East China," an electronic technology Zhujiang Road Street. Is a professional digital ultrasonic flaw detector for the development, production, sales and service of integrated high-tech enterprises in Nanjing in 1993 by the Government as high-tech enterprises. China is the leading provider of digital detector, is China's largest manufacturer of digital detector. 

Companies are for the user group for the industry: oil, shipbuilding, railways, Boiler and Pressure Vessel, aerospace, and special pressure pipeline, petrochemical, oil refining, steel, electric power, automobile manufacturing, metallurgy, experimental teaching, such as involving metal Zhuduan Nondestructive Testing of all trades.

Persistent culture of innovation, stability, a high standard of technical teams and the development of adequate funding to ensure that the R & D strength in the Seven-Star whether or research results in both leading enterprises in the same industry. Nanjing University Seven-Star use the advantages of large institutions, and Nanjing University, Southeast University, and other well-known colleges and universities to maintain long-term technical cooperation, in the automated ultrasonic flaw detection system and ultrasound imaging are deeper study. In the protection of intellectual property rights has been a number of applications for patents, and the first in the industry in the State "manufacturing measurement apparatus permits," fully demonstrates its ultrasonic testing in the field of comprehensive strength.

Seven Star is the earliest passed ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification of digital ultrasonic flaw detector one of the manufacturers. SMT its own workshop, debugging workshop, the assembly workshop, advanced testing equipment complete the test center. In the day-to-day production management and quality control, strict compliance with the ISO9001 quality system requirements and standards. With strong production capacity and strict control of management, Seven-Star can guarantee the quality of the products has been effectively controlled, and in the development of continuous improvement in product quality. Its products by the Ministry of Labour and the Ministry of pot seized Center Institute thermal producers, the Department is positioned chemical production enterprises. Shanghai, Shaanxi, Guangdong, Henan, Hubei, Chongqing, and other provinces and municipalities NDT personnel qualification and Evaluation Commission designated training, assessment for equipment. Seven-Star stable quality products are generally praised by clients, 97 were in Nanjing of Quality and Technical Supervision as a "quality of trust units."

As China's leading digital ultrasonic flaw detector manufacturers, Seven-Star provide end-to-end solutions and services. Companies always "customer-centric" and "to serve as the guide," business philosophy, promote their products and services. Currently Seven-Star products entering mainland China in all provinces, municipalities, and autonomous regions. Foot on China, the world. Seven stars in the domestic market while actively developing overseas markets. As early as in 1995, on the initiative of the companies products to the international market to the strategic plan, "Decade of grinding sword", the English version by the production apparatus has been successfully enter India, Denmark, Mongolia, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia and other international markets, with the industry practice of "going out" strategy of enterprise models.



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